Auto Dealerships
car dealership

It may seem a contradiction, but sustainability and auto dealership lighting is an important cause for auto manufacturers and dealership owners. Through sustainability practices, auto dealers can reduce costs, impact the environment, influence customers and support the overall auto industry push to better manage resources. At Eco-Green-Energy, we understand that controlling energy costs at auto dealerships is more important than ever before and we can help.


Garage Lighting

Parking garages often look dirty, dim, and are considered dangerous. Fortunately, this perception is changing thanks to improved lighting techniques. We specialize here at Eco-Green-Energy in helping you with a solution tailored to fit your needs. Our lighting solutions will not only improve your lighting significantly, but it will also decrease the amount of energy that you consume on a daily basis! Over time, the work will pay for itself with the money that you save. Don't be satisfied with a dim, dirty looking garage. Contact us today to get a better solution and impact the environment in a more friendly way.

Street Lighting

Street lighting accounts for a major portion of a municipality’s energy bill and with budgets being under such scrutiny, it is time to address inefficient lighting.

At Eco-Green-Energy, we are aware of your needs and have energy-efficient LED solutions that lower your total cost of ownership. LED lighting, with automatic controls and proper energy management applications typically returns 30-50 percent energy savings and significantly reduce your overall maintenance costs and improve the lighting quality in your community.

Industrial / Commercial

Industrial Lighting

Lighting an industrial environment is not always an easy task. There are a variety of options that need to be considered to effectively light an industrial environment. We can help you light your building whether you have a warehouse, large machinery, or an assembly industry. With our lighting solutions, you can increase the lighting in your building while reducing the cost. Studies show that a well lit building can also improve workers productivity.